CWBY Creative’s Director Master Sterling Receives Acclaim for Short Documentary, “Kylie”

LOS ANGELES, CA – Master Sterling, a renowned director at CWBY Creative, is being lauded for his powerful and striking documentary short, “Kylie”, which is making waves across several prestigious film festivals.

“Kylie” is a captivating five-minute tour de force that paints an intimate portrait of its subject, Kylie Jefferson, star of “Tiny Pretty Things”. Jefferson, a young Black woman, defies the odds by fiercely pursuing her passion for ballet, an art form that often challenges her acceptance.

Sterling, a personal friend of Jefferson’s, showcases his directorial prowess through this homage. The film is a testament to his deep understanding and respect for Jefferson’s journey, realized through a striking black and white palette that amplifies her talent and resilience.

The film is also a love letter to Los Angeles, masterfully intertwining the city’s landscape with Jefferson’s dance movements, creating a harmonious dialogue between the dancer and the city. Cinematographer Adam Shattuck’s breathtaking imagery of Jefferson performing ballet across iconic LA locations like Inglewood and Dockweiler Beach is a powerful testament to this harmony.

“Kylie” resonates universally, beyond the confines of the City of Angels. It shines a light on Jefferson’s life outside the dance studio, presenting relatable moments for Black individuals worldwide. The film’s potent representation of Black women’s enduring struggle against societal expectations of perfectionism is particularly impactful.

“Kylie” has not only been a nominee at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, DOC LA, AFI Fest, Tribeca, and the Philadelphia Film Festival, but also a proud recipient of awards at the Philadelphia Film Fest, Doc LA, and AFI.

This short documentary is a must-watch, not only for art aficionados but especially for young Black women. It is a story that resonates deeply, told with the honesty, triumph, and respect that all Black narratives deserve.

Master Sterling continues to create influential and compelling narratives at CWBY Creative, and “Kylie” is a shining example of his exceptional talent.

Watch the trailer for Kylie here:

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