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CWBY+ is the premiere UGC, Social Media, Web3, and Talent Procurement branch of CWBY Creative. 

We partner with our in-house world class creatives to create snackable content to propel your brand organically through content that is destined to go viral.  

Meet Tanner Carney

Tanner Carney is a seasoned filmmaker and photographer from Oceanside, California with a proven track record in creating viral campaigns. With experience working with brands such as Mountain Dew and Formula 1, as well as serving as the Director of Social Media at RedBull board sports, Tanner has a wealth of experience in the industry. He excels in post-production, videography, photography, and social media marketing, bringing a unique style and expertise across multiple platforms (including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok) to each project. His ability to drive engagement and grow audiences has been demonstrated with his successful growth of Red Bull Surfing’s following to over 1 million.

Our Content Team

Our Social Team

  • Jack Delulio
    Social Photo/Video/Edit

    Tampa, USA
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  • Casey McPerry
    Social Photo/Video/Edit

    San Diego, USA
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  • Aime Bringas
    Social Photo

    San Diego, USA

  • Christian Spencer
    Social Video/Photo/Design

    Los Angeles, USA
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Our Photo Team